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Therapist Status: LifeStar Alumni, No Longer Active at the Salt Lake Clinic

Corey Holmgren


This archive page is preserving Corey's legacy with the LifeStar team after his passing. Please see his memorial page for more information.

A true warrior, Corey is not only a champion of his clients as a LifeStar Therapist, he is a Utah Army National Guard Chaplain that has the personal experience to truly relate to anyone's trauma

Therapist Profile

Growing up on a farm, Corey knows what it means to soldier on through hard work. Facing his own issues has motivated him to find peace within his own relationships, himself, and with God. With over a decade of marriage and military service under his belt, he continues on as a full time counselor, father, and over all cheerful demeanor. His focus on turning a youthful misunderstanding of sexuality into a strength is a boon to all who are trained in his Healthy Sex process.

"Relaxation leads to rejuvenation, rejuvenation leads to healing."
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Education & Certifications

M.A. Amridge University - Divinity

M.A. Amridge University - Marriage and Family Therapy

B.A. Utah State University - Religious Studies