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Counseling Services

Seeking therapeutic help is an act of bravery. The best way we can help is to start off on the right foot and we do this with a clinical assessment.

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Clinical Therapy
Patient Intake
Schedule an Assessment

Almost all of our services are gatewayed by this patient intake process so we can prescribe the correct course of treatment that is customized to your needs. This can be one-on-one, or done as a couple.

Types of Counseling Offered by the LifeStar Salt Lake Clinic for the Wasatch Front and Salt Lake Valley

LifeStar Salt Lake's mental health services cover the basics of individual, couple, and group therapy modalities. We have many specialties, and diverse team members that can work with your individual needs

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Licensed Clinical
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Marriage & Partner
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Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery
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Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Specialty Therapy Programs

Developed in-house and with the help of the LifeStar Affiliate Network, the LifeStar Therapy approach addresses pornography and sexual addiction and betrayal trauma in a dual track curriculum for men and women.


The first phase on the path to recovery is started with Foundation. This psychoeducational seminar is delivered in a group workshop setting and equips both men and women with the essential knowledge that leads to recovery.

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Couple's & Individual's
Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery
Workshop Seminar


The LifeStar IOP program is an intensive 6 day therapy experience with an intimately small group of participants. It is directed by our seasoned, and most exceptional licensed therapists, who will guide you every step of the way through your journey back to who you want to become.

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Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery
Outpatient Program
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How does therapy work best and what is it like?

Psychotherapy, or more commonly referred to as just "therapy," is best experienced in-person, face-to-face with a licensed therapist. More than "life coaching" or an over-simplified quick fix online app or video, real therapy is the work done in an office guided by your therapist and out of the office on your own in a healthy living practice that heals life's hardest issues.

"Modalities" or "Modes" of counseling are the established, clinical way of outlining the types of services a professional mental health clinic provides. There are many types of techniques, but basically they involve talking to a therapist privately, or as a couple with the therapist's skilled oversight.

LifeStar is unique in that not only do we provide the stand set of counseling services, we have spent years developing programs that augment traditional therapy modalities.

State of Utah Licensure

Every LifeStar Salt Lake Therapist is licensed by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) along with their advanced education degrees training and certification process.

Digital (Secure Video Chat)

Once a face-to-face relationship has been established with your therapist and within the jurisdiction of the State of Utah, you may setup video teleconferencing therapy sessions.