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Therapist Status: LifeStar Alumni, No Longer Active at the Salt Lake Clinic

Debbie Reid


Debbie has an eye for detail, deep empathy, and a firm resolution to assist her clients in becoming their best selves. Always learning, she is a powerful LifeStar Therapist who encourages, supports, and heals with authenticity.

Therapist Profile

Educated in Social Work with an emphasis in substance use treatment, Debbie brings a crossover skill set from chemical addiction treatment to process addiction treatment that gives her and our clinic a solid footing in understanding both worlds and how they often interconnect. Her passion is the therapeutic use of Psychodrama as it helps her clients acknowledge, engage, and accept oneself. Family systems are an especially important factor in her work, and she can often be found in session with multi-generational families addressing change as a group.

" We all have the answers to our own problems, we just need assistance in asking the right questions. When we know better, we do better!"

Education & Certifications

LI - Lifespan Integration - Trained Level 2

Psychodrama - Extensive technique training (3+ years)

M.A. University of Utah - Social Work: Substance Abuse emphasis

B.S. Brigham Young University - Communications